Like father, like son! 郎朗與其父精彩的鋼琴與二胡二重奏《賽馬 ...

2011/5/27 - Lang Lang plays duet with his father at The Carnigie Hall. He was on piano while his father was on erhu fiddle. 大陸著名鋼琴家郎朗於卡內基 ...

Lang Lang plays duet with his father at The Carnigie Hall. He was on piano while his father was on erhu fiddle.

大陸著名鋼琴家郎朗於卡內基音樂廳的鋼琴獨奏音樂會演出,更與二胡演奏家的父親郎國任合奏 二胡—鋼琴二重奏國樂《賽馬》。

BBC 讚揚他可能是當代世界上最偉大的鋼琴家之一,當日父子倆你來我往,演奏出了駿馬飛騰、鬃毛聳立之場 面,全場掌聲雷動。他們用鋼琴交流對話,好像在告訴人們當年父親是如何教育兒子成長為 一 個 一 流音樂家的,場面溫馨美好,令全場觀眾耳目 一 新,叫好不絕。

1).鋼琴曲譜︰請參閱Franz List(李斯特)  ETÜDEN  TEIL Ⅱ

(Paganini-Etüden) Ⅲ. La Campanella (鐘 練習曲),  page 130, 1978臺灣大陸書店出版(台北市衡陽路79號)

*這是李斯特 著名曲之一, 也是精湛的演出之一.


LISZT Etude de Concert no.3

2).鋼琴曲譜︰請參閱Chopin(蕭邦) Etude Op.10 No.12(革命練習曲),page 53 ,By G.Shirmer,INC, New York, Copyright 1916. 

*這是蕭邦 著名曲之一, 也是精湛的演出之一.




* No 7.


(一).Because Song

Mario Lanza


Because you come to me with naught save love.
And hold my hand and lift mine eyes above.
A wider world of hope and joy I see.
Because you come to me. 

Because you speak to me in accents sweet.
I find the roses waking round my feet.
And I am led through tears of joy to thee.
Because you speak to me.

Because God made thee mine, I'll cherish thee.
Through light and darkness through all time to be;
And pray his love may make our love divine,
Because God made thee mine.


(二).Auf Flügeln des Gesanges



作曲者︰Felix Mendelssohn 1809~1847


F調6/8 Andante tranquillo

(Yoshikazu Mera)

(Hermann Prey~畫面呈現曲譜)



今夜星光燦爛(E lucevan le stelle)

盲人聲樂家 安德列 波切里(Andrea Bocelli)演唱


##3/4;Andante lento appassionato molto

(注意聽discogliea中0延長音的美聲唱法- -太感動了, 讓人不自主地掉下眼淚)

E lucevan le stelle,
e olezzava la terra
stridea l'uscio dell'orto,
e un passo sfiorava la rena.
Entrava ella, fragrante,
mi cadea fra le braccia.
Oh! dolci baci, o languide carezze,
mentr'io fremente le belle forme discogliea dai veli!
Svani per sempre il sogno mio d'amore...
L'ora e fuggita e muoio disperato!
E non ho amato mai tanto la vita!

How the stars seemed to shimmer,
the sweet scents of the garden,
how the creaking gate whispered,
and a footstep skimmed over the sand,
how she then entered, so fragrant,
and then fell into my two arms!
Ah sweetest of kiss, languorous caresses,
while I stood trembling, searching her features
concealed by her mantle. My dreams of pure love,
forgotten forever! All of it's gone now!
I die hopeless, despairing, and never before
have I loved life like this!

Like father, like son! 郎朗與其父精彩的鋼琴與二胡二重奏《賽馬 ... 相關新聞列表
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